Vote NAZIRITE RUBEN F. PEREZ to City Council Dist 5 ... Saturday 5 May 2019

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Vote NAZIRITE RUBEN F. PEREZ to City Council Dist 5 ... Saturday 4 May 2019

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NAZIRITE RUBEN FLORES PEREZ has honorably served as a State Officeholder on the SAN ANTONIO RIVER AUTHORITY as a Board Member. Mr. Perez attended San Antonio College, Palo Alto College, St. Mary’s University, and Texas A & M. Honorably served in the United States Army.  Mr. Perez is a retiree from City of San Antonio municipal government. He was a member of the Kelly AFB Restoration Advisory Committee, for which he serves on the Technical Advisory Committee. Naziritre Perez has also served as president of San Antonio local (AFSMCE union) American Federation of State, Municipal, and County Employees.  He is also licensed by the State Bar of Texas as a paralegal. Mr. Perez has a son and three daughters. 


The incumbent has been living 'high on the hog' with a silver spoon in her mouth whilst ignoring everyone else in economic turmoil; even voting for big fat salary pay for herself (over $60,000 per year)!  It's time for a change! Vote NAZIRITE RUBEN F. PEREZ to City Council District 5 on Saturday 4 May 2019 (VOTE EARLY)!  There are rumors that Shirley Gonzales does not even live in the district (and others may be covering up for her)!  Complain to the U.S. Department of Justice and to the F.B.I.

Priorities are: quality of life, crime reduction, environment, economic development, public safety, and fiscal responsibility.  Crime is out-of-control high in the district!

("Perez" name is mentioned in The Bible as "ancestor of Jesus Christ")


Vote NAZIRITE RUBEN F. PEREZ to City Council Dist 5 ... Saturday 4 May 2019

                                                            Vote Early !!!



City Council is supposed to keep to policy within the scope of its own organization "City of San Antonio" corporation.

They DO NOT OWN their office; not to be used for dictatorial, money-grabbing policy/behavior to others outside their organization; public office is owned by THE PEOPLE; and to be used only for “the public good.” -- JOHN LOCKE, etc.

Texas laws require removal of COMMUNISTS from any Texas government.

As seen on the internet from a past election for District 5:

Medina persists in saying Gonzales does not live in District 5
San Antonio, June 3, 2013

Despite proof to the contrary, City Councilman David Medina continues to allege that his challenger, Shirley Gonzales, does not live in District 5.

This weekend, voters in the district found their mailboxes full of printed matter that reaffirmed the councilman's assertion, including a aerial map of Gonzales' former home with the swimming pool circled for emphasis.

The one-two mud-sling came in the form of a Medina campaign postcard and the latest edition of an 8-page newspaper, The San Antonio Post. Both items appear to have been sent using the same mailing list.

The face of the postcard shows a map of San Antonio with District 5 filled-in orange, Councilman Medina's campaign color. There's a big yellow arrow that points to a distant Northwest Side location -- Gonzales' former residence. The headline at the top proclaims, "You live here but Shirley doesn't."

On the reverse side the of postcard there's photos of the front entrance to the house and the swimming pool with the tag line, "How can Shirley Gonzales represent us at City Hall if her home is closer to Six Flags Fiesta Texas than Nogalitos Street?"

The postcard has no return address. The political disclaimer required by election law is so small it can hardly be read and positioned to make it hard to find -- "Pol. ad paid by David Medina Campaign."

Photo: The San Antonio Post The other piece of mail District 5 voters received was a copy of The San Antonio Post, whose publication always seems to coincide with a nasty City Council campaign fight. In this case, the Post's front page story reinforces the message of Medina's postcard and throws in other smears just for the fun of it.

The 4-page Post article criticizes Gonzales for not taking her husband's last name, for having "rich country club" friends, of having a swimming pool "the size of an average home," and finally accuses Gonzales' pawnshop of usury and "profitting (sic) off the hand (sic) working Westside families of District 5."

The publisher of the San Antonio Post in a YouTube video. The San Antonio Post is published by Ruben Espronceda. One former city council candidate told QSanAntonio that Espronceda is known in political circles as a "journalist for hire."

Espronceda's newspaper has the reputation of saying anything a politician can't or won't say about an opponent. The San Antonio Post was trotted out during two election cycles to attack Elena Guajardo when she ran for City Council.

Gonzales grew up on the Northwest Side and lived there until the summer of 2011 when she moved to Buena Visa Street to be near her family's business. Gonzales' husband, Kevin Barton, owns their home and she owns a house across the street where her mother resides.

The Elm Creek house that Medina and his political allies keep referring to is part of a divorce settlement with Gonzales' former husband. She is in the process of trying to sell the property.

Councilman Medina began making his accusations about Gonzales' residence last week in a television interview in front of City Hall.

"That's right, a San Antonio council member held a press event to inform the public that he had heard some sketchy gossip about an opponent and felt compelled to share it. No proof was offered, just a vague accusation and some theatrical outrage," wrote columnist Gilbert Garcia in the San Antonio Express-News.


( Shirley Gonzales is apparently San Antonio's version of "ALICE IN WONDERLAND!" ) SHIRLEY GONZALES' real name is supposed to be SHIRLEY BARTON; but in order to apparently deceiver Hispanic voters in District 5, Shirley instead uses "Shirley Gonzales" as her name; or is it Shirley Flores? (.. or other aliases???)


She says there's one husband, then another husband, then there's a baby.. "Who's the daddy??!!!" ( Or is it yet another "No daddy baby"?? ) Then she said that she walks and rides a bike -- but WOAI TV NEWS 4 caught her driving a car; here's the picture:

"MY MOM AND I TOOK TURNS SLEEPING AT THE BLUE HOUSE.." .. but she added, "that (blue) house is painted YELLOW." (What?? A pawn shop.. and maybe a red light district too??!!!)

*** But the big question here is: WHY SLEEP IN THE 'BLUE HOUSE' across the street from her (purported) 'home' in District 5, if she could instead have just slept in the 'home' in District 5???!!!!!!!

Shirley Gonzales (or Barton, or Flores) revealed in an article that she in fact did have a house at: 3915 MORGANS CREEK [ actually in District 9, not District 5, of San Antonio City Council ].

CARPETBAGGER from northside District 9, Shirley Gonzales (or Barton, or Flores) representing District 5???!!! The word is that some northside people operate pawns on the Westside and Southside in order to make it easy for burglars to get rid of stolen goods.. items stolen from Westsiders and Southsiders = Northsiders end up with the big cash payoffs!!

Who can trust Shirley??? Did she lie to get into the office? Did she cheat? Are others acting with her? Should she withdraw her candidacy, or should she go to prison?

Stop being deceived; vote Nazirite Perez for District 5 San Antonio City Council Nazirite has lived in the district all his life.

YOU WON'T HEAR ANY OF THIS FROM THE OTHER CANDIDATES FOR DISTRICT 5.. because the other candidates appear to be shills for a rigged election! Please complain about them to the U.S. Department of Justice and F.B.I., Washington, D.C.

Be certain to vote!  Ask your friends, neighbors, family, and everyone you can.. to be certain to vote!  A better future for City Council District 5 and San Antonio is at stake!!

Please be certain to vote in Early Voting or on Election Day.

Pursuant First Amendment.
Texas Ethics:
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Please print this SIGN and display it in your yard, on your car, in your neighborhood and/or throughout the district! Ask everyone to vote!!


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